• Anne OBrien Collection 3 Books Set Pack

Anne OBrien Collection 3 Books Set Pack

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  • Author(s): Anne OBrien
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Anne OBrien Collection 3 Books Set Pack

Titles In This Set
Devils Consort
Virgin Widow 
Puritan Bride
Devil's Consort

ENGLAND'S MOST RUTHLESS QUEEN. Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, is a determined woman who plots and schemes an astonishing path between two equally powerful men in twelfth century Europe, a woman who can manoeuvre and manipulate to safeguard her own lands as effectively as any power-grasping lord. Eleanor is single-minded in her struggle to keep her inheritance intact, leading her to reject one husband and take another who will fulfil her desires. Eleanor intends to reign as Queen and is prepared to bring scandal down upon herself in pursuit of her ultimate prize. Hers is a story of power, political intrigue, passion and love. 

Virgin Widow

England, 1469. A daughter of Warwick the Kingmaker, Anne Neville cannot dictate her own future. But at the age of fourteen, her father's treason forces her into exile, and into an uneasy betrothal with Edward of Lancaster. Edward is completely controlled by his powerful mother, Margaret of Anjou.

Puritan Bride

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE VIRGIN WIDOW & DEVIL'S CONSORT. A woman of unexpected passion... England, 1663 The sexual games at the Restoration Court of King Charles have turned Marcus, Viscount Marlbrooke, into a cynic. While he doesn t believe that love lies within matrimony, he does need to secure his claim to Winteringham Priory. Marriage to the spirited Puritan Katherine Harley is the key and, given his unexpected response to her, perhaps their marriage needn t be as bleak as he fears. Because, beneath her solemn exterior, he senses a bride of surprising passion.... 

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