• Rainbow Magic Series 2 The Weather Fairies Collection -7 Books No 8-14

Rainbow Magic Series 2 The Weather Fairies Collection -7 Books No 8-14

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  • Collection ISBN: 9781408348253
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  • Author(s): Daisy Meadows
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Rainbow Magic Weather Fairies Collection Daisy Meadows 7 Books Set RRP: £ 27.93 Brand New

Titles in This Set

  1. Hayley: The Rain Fairy,
  2. Storm the Lightning Fairy,
  3. Evie: The Mist Fairy,
  4. Goldie the Sunshine Fairy,
  5. Pearl: The Cloud Fairy,
  6. Abigail the Breeze Fairy,
  7. Crystal the Snow Fairy
Description by Single Titles

Hayley: The Rain Fairy

Hayley the rain fairy is all adrift without her dazzling rain feather. Can Rachel and Kirsty reach it before the flood carries it away forever...?

Storm the Lightning Fairy

Storm the lightning fairy can't stop the sky from fizzing without her glittery lightning feather. Rachel and Kirsty must help her to find it before a loose lightning bolt causes trouble!

Evie: The Mist Fairy

Evie the mist fairy is lost in the fog without her magic mist feather. Can Rachel and Kirsty help the frightened fairy to get out of the shadowy forest?

Goldie the Sunshine Fairy

Goldie the sunshine fairy is all hot and bothered without her shimmery sunshine feather. Can Rachel and Kirsty seek it out and put a stop to a sticky situation?

Pearl: The Cloud Fairy

Pearl the cloud fairy is down in the dumps without her fluffy cloud feather. Rachel and Kirsty need a ticklish plan to cheer her up.

Abigail the Breeze Fairy

Abigail the Breeze Fairy needs to find her wispy wind feather before the wind causes chaos in Fairyland and the human world!

Crystal the Snow Fairy

Rachel and Kirsty know that Crystal's snow feather is nearby, but can they find it and persuade the goblin to give it back...?

Books Deatils
Reading Age '5-7

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