•  Horrible Geography Collection 12 Books Box Set Collection

Horrible Geography Collection 12 Books Box Set Collection

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Does geography grind you down? Fed up with miserable maps, rotten rocks and irksome estimates? Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons and discover the horrible side to geography! This Horrible Geography 12 book collection set will help you explore all things geography with the gritty bits left in! A fantastic series for readers aged 9+ to help them engage with what they are learning at school.

Titles in this box set:

Bloomin' Rainforests
Geography with the gritty bits left in! Ever wondered where to hide from vampire bats or where the find the highest trees in the world? Get all the horrible facts in this earth-shattering book!

Cracking Coasts
From crooked coastlines to shifting shores, taking in cracking coastal wildlife and wicked weather - this is the fun, fully illustrated guide to life beside the seaside that no horrible geographer should be without.

Desperate Deserts
Geography with the gritty bits left in! Where in the world can you: Spot sand dunes that bury whole villages? Discover some deadly desert wildlife? Follow in the footsteps of daring desert explorers?

Earth-Shattering Earthquakes
Horrible Geography is the perfect escapism from miserable maps, rotten rock piles and dire diagrams. In Earth-Shattering Earthquakes readers can discover what it takes to be an earthquake expert, learn how to survive when an earthquake hits, and discover how rats and snakes can predict tremors!

Freaky Peaks
Freaky Peaks takes the intrepid young explorer on a thrilling tour of the tallest mountains, from Everest to Kilimanjaro, encountering many dangers along the way, including glaciers, yetis, and avalanches.

Monster Lakes
Monster Lakes sweeps young readers along on a tour of the world's most fascinating lakes. Explore a volcanic crater lake, meet scuba-diving spiders, and hunt monsters from the deep. 

Odious Oceans
Where in the world can you: Tuck into a poisonous pufferfish? Spot some perilous pirates? Explore the savage seabed?

Perishing Poles
Perishing Poles takes you on a perilous voyage to the polar regions. Along the way you will encounter savage snowstorms, enormous icebergs, and hungry polar bears. 

Raging Rivers
Where in the world can you: Peer over the edge of a roaring waterfall? Come face-to-face with a peckish piranha? Go white-water rafting through hair-raising rapids?

Stormy Weather
Where in the world can you: Watch tornadoes that rip houses from the ground? Meet the man struck by lightning seven times? See frozen turtles fall from the sky? Get the Earth-shattering facts in Stormy Weather.

Violent Volcanoes
Geography with the gritty bits left in! Where in the world can you: Find red-hot volcanic rocks the size of cars? Visit geysers that could boil you alive? Sniff some stinky sulphur?

Wild Islands
Wild Islands is the guide to far-flung shores that every intrepid explorer will relish. They will marvel at the brand-new island that pops up from the sea, gasp at the hot-tempered island that blew its top and choke on the smell of an island dragon's foul breath. If that's not enough they can discover where to find coconuts with magical powers, try to crack the case of the missing island and read the remarkable story of a real-life Robinson Crusoe.

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Reading Age '9-14

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