• World Book Day 2017 - 10 Books Collection The Big World Book Day Prize Winner

World Book Day 2017 - 10 Books Collection The Big World Book Day Prize Winner

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Titles in this Set
  1. Horrid Henry Funny Fact Files
  2. Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White
  3. Dead of Night
  4. Butterfly Beach
  5. Island
  6. Good Old Timmy and Other Stories
  7. Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves World Book Day
  8. Everyone Loves Underpants
  9. Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey
  10. Blob

Horrid Henry Funny Fact Files
An exclusive World Book Day 2017 collection of Horrid Henry's best and most brilliant facts!
Collated especially to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day, this hilarious compilation includes everything you need to know about Horrid Henry, from fiendish facts and how-to's, to top-secret diary excerpts and Purple Hang Gang passwords.

Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White
From Julia Donaldson, the bestselling author of The Gruffalo, comes Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White. Full of black-and-white illustrations by Lydia Monks, Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White is perfect for fans of this bestselling picture-book team who are beginning to read on their own.

Dead of Night
Rio Richlin doesn’t have superpowers. She is an ordinary young woman. A soldier in the American army, wearing a uniform, carrying a rifle, and fighting alongside thousands who are trying to make a difference, trying to change the world.

Butterfly Beach
Selma can't wait to go on holiday with her best friend forever, Tina. But a holiday with Tina means a holiday with her triplet sisters, too - and it's not long before Selma feels like the odd one out. Can their shared love of butterflies bring Selma and Tina together again?

Sixteen-year old Louise travels with her father to the island of Lindisfarne every year ever since she can remember - it's the place Louise's mother loved best of all.
The arrival of Hassan from war-torn Syria changes everything. Louise is restless and yearning for independence, and the fiercely free and self-reliant Hassan fascinates her. He seems to know the island from long ago as if it were his home from birth. Hassan is an acrobat, maybe a sorcerer, possibly a source of great danger. The wild gang of boys who call the island their home want to cast him out.

Good Old Timmy and Other Stories
 In Good Old Timmy, the five see a boy being kidnapped at the beach and set out to rescue him. But where have the kidnappers hidden the boy? Could Timmy lead them to the answer?

Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves World Book Day
It's World Book Day and Peppa and George are allowed to dress up as their favourite characters for school. George knows exactly what he wants to be, but Peppa has so many favourite stories, she can't decide who to go as . . .

Everyone Loves Underpants
This zany, hilarious tale is delightfully brought to life by Ben Cort's vibrant illustrations. With a madcap, rhyming text by award-winning Claire Freedman, this is sure to enchant and amuse the whole family!

Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey
Join Wally on his quest through magical and bizarre fantasy lands. Hidden in every intricately-detailed scene are Wally and his friends - so let the hunt begin! Full of eye-boggling extras and hours of fun, this third classic Wally adventure comes in a fiendish mini edition and extra puzzling puzzles to play. Wow! Amazing!

And so begins a funny and heartwarming story of a very unusual friendship – and some very strange animals. An astonishingly brilliant World Book Day Book from one of today’s favourite children’s authors.
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Reading Age '7-9

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