About Us

In the stillness of a small room that was rented out to us by our local city council, a story began that would transform into one of the largest, most competitive online retailers of books.

Starting from our humble beginning on 2nd March 2004, bangzo was initially named BOOKS 2 DOOR LTD.  Our aim was a simple two-fold yet challenging task, to which we were and still are achieving today.  That challenge is to become the largest online retailer of books, and to provide the best quality service to our customers in delivery and correspondence that is second to none.   We have expanded greatly over the course of five years and now we have 5 warehouses in the UK plus access to some of the biggest suppliers of books in the world.  Worldwide dispatch is no problem for us, from California in the United States, to Wellington in New Zealand.  On the eve of our fifth birthday our new website was launched to provide an improved and simplified quality of service that is more straightforward for us and for our customers.  Our new website was forged under the brand name BANGZO.  Bangzo.Com offers a number of plus points compared to other retailers:


Since customers are purchasing directly from us, there is no third-party through which an order is made.  Therefore time is saved for us and our customers, allowing dispatch to be carried out sooner.


We have a fast and secure payment system available over the phone and online that is very easy to use and saves customers having another worry to think about.


We have no complicated search systems on our website.  After all, it can be confusing and put customers off for checking the availability of a title.  Just enter a few words of the book’s title or subject, or even a book’s ISBN, and then our search system finds the closest match.

You may even find what you are looking for instantly by simply selecting on our website, the subject that a title of interest comes under.  Our webpage then brings up some popular online recommendations with the front cover shown.  So the title that you are searching for may be amongst them.  Or alternatively if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can be contacted by email or telephone.


We have access to over 2,000,000 books and audio books on a vast range of topics from science, to sport, to religion and art.  Many are unique or rare titles that are not available with many online sellers elsewhere.  So rest assured we have something for everyone.


We have a designated team of staff who respond to all customer queries that we receive, within 48 hours.  We have served thousands of customers over the telephone and via email for five years since we first began, so when it comes to contacting our friendly customer services department, you won’t be disappointed.


We are constantly improving on a regular basis.  We do not stop and we shall not stop until we have established ourselves amongst the best serving online retail companies of books in the world.  We hope that you have found our information page enlightening and we look forward to accepting an order from you soon.