Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Bundle

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Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Bundle (Space Vultures!,The Waythroo Wormhole,The Moon Winder,The Red Cutlass,An Ancient Enemy, Alien Adventures Fact File,Attack of the Blobs,Double Cross,Operation Holotanium,The Craggrox Awake,The Giants of Ariddas,Starmite Swarm,The Fury of Vogoss,The Image Maker,Battle with Badlaw,Crunch Time!,The Rats of Rolia,Trapped in Time,The Planet of Bones,Space Rat Rescue, The Destroyer,Cyberbee Break Out,Badlaw's Revenge,The Rust Monster,Pit-Stop Peril. Description:- The Project X team are back - and they're set to face their biggest challenges yet in this massive 25-book collection. Max, Cat, Ant, Tiger and their new robot micro-friend, Eight, face a number of new challenges that will inspire young readers to keep turning the pages of every single action-packed book included in the collection. With stories written by authors including Steve Cole, Elen Caldecott and Jacqueline Rayner, the plots follow the gang as they face off against Badlaw; go in search of a missing cargo of cyberbees; and are attacked by a swarm of metal-eating, robotic space locusts. The collection also includes a larger-format Fact File full of activities. With their 3D-style artwork, the books are perfect for children in Year 3 at school. All-new stories, they continue the adventures from the first series at Oxford Reading Level 9 and progress all the way up to Level 14, meaning they are suitable for children of differing reading abilities.

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