• Mr Gum Collection 8 Book Box Set

Mr Gum Collection 8 Book Box Set

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Get to know Andy Stanton's stupendous, all-conquering "Mr Gum" in this 8 book series. Mr Gum is a complete horror who hates children, animals, fun and corn on the cob! This hilarious collection is the perfect gift set for readers aged 7+.

You're A Bad Man, Mr Gum
Mr Gum is a truly nasty old man. He’s absolutely grimsters. But this book’s not just about him. There’s also a little girl called Polly, an absolute winner called Friday O’Leary, an evil butcher, heroes and sweets and stuff, and a furry wobbler of a dog called Jake WHO MUST BE SAVED FROM TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE EVIL. Oh yes, it’s all happening in this book.

Mr Gum and Biscuit the Billionaire
Mr Gum is back and fancies being even more evil than usual. Read this book and you’ll meet a gingerbread man named Alan Taylor who is as rich as a mushroom. And Mr Gum and Billy William are plotting to steal his cash, right? And it’s up to Polly to save the day. There’s a funfair and hot dogs, Friday O’Leary shouts a lot, we meet a pongy Frenchman called Monsieur Bellybutton and there’s even a song about robbers called The Robbers’ Song. See ya!

Mr Gum and The Goblins
Well, that old roo-de-lally Mr Gum and England’s Most Revolting Butcher Billy William the Third are once more mucking things up for everyone. They’re a-schemin’ and a-hatchin’ an’ making their bad plans up on Goblin Mountain. And why? Because they’re raising up an army of goblins to stink up the town of Lamonic Bibber once and for all! Can the brave travellers (the wise old man Friday O’Leary and the small girl Polly) make it past the Three Impossible Challenges of Goblin Mountain and save the town from a fate worse than something very bad indeed?

Mr Gum and The Power Crystals
Shabba me whiskers! Can it really be true that there’s an ancient curse on the town of Lamonic Bibber? And you guessed it, that old meddler Mr Gum and his trusty sidekick Billy William the Third have something to do with it. But… our favourite heroes Polly, Friday and gingerbread biscuit Alan Taylor are determined to save the town (sigh of relief). Hang on to your heads and eyeballs as you are whisked to the land of talking dogs, silly songs, and the best chase scene you’ve ever read. You may even learn to say ‘The truth is a lemon meringue’ in Spanish!

Mr Gum and The Dancing Bear
Who likes bears? Everyone likes bears. Which is a good thing because this book features a startling big one called Padlock, who is as tall as 40 hamsters and weighs as much as nineteen thousand grapes. It’s up to Polly and Friday to help him escape the clutches of Mr Gum and Billy William. Not easy to do when for at least a couple of chapters they are held captive on a ship by an absolute crazer called Captain Brazil. It’s time to man the rigging and lick the ropes!

What's for Dinner, Mr Gum?
What’s Mr Gum up to this time? Oh, dreadful things my friends, dreadful things indeed. Seems he’s found himself a brand new treat – rancid kebabs just dripping with grey sauce. And he just can’t get enough of them. He’s gotta have more! More! LESS! I mean, MORE! But not everyones to happy with Mr Gum’s new dinnertime arrangements and soon the town of Lamonic Bibber is gearing up for war. Can Polly and her friends save the town from being torn apart? Will Mr Gum’s hunger ever be satisfied? And who on earth is Thora Gruntwhistle?

Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree
Everyone knows that nothing bad ever happens in Spring but when you live in Lamonic Bibber you just never know when a season is going to turn into a wrong ‘un. This story features a great big BEEFER of a cherry tree and mark our words when we say there are dark secrets hidden in that tree. Luckily Polly is around and she intends to find out, and she intends to find out by finding out. What will she find out? Find out by reading this book and you’ll find out!

Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout
Something’s gone terribly wrong in Lamonic Bibber..and Mr Gum is nowhere to be found. Folks, Polly and Friday are facing their biggest challenge yet – the town is being polluted by mysterious forces, clouds are dropping from the sky and even old Granny’s sherry tastes funny. Everything’s gone roo-de-lally. So strap yourselves in, and get ready for an adventure so crazy your feet will melt with happiness. And we’re not just saying that, we’ve actually seen it happen. Hooray!

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