• Bear Grylls Mission Survival 8 Book Collection

Bear Grylls Mission Survival 8 Book Collection

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A great set for budding adventurers, Bear Grylls books have proven to be very, very popular with young readers aged 9 and over. Here, kids who like books packed with action, pace and excitement can enjoy all eight of Bear Grylls' Mission Survival books. Gold of the Gods introduces readers to Beck Granger, our 13-year-old hero who's on the hunt for the legendary City of Gold in the Colombian jungle. But when Beck gets lost with no food, no compass and no hope of rescue, his knowledge of survival is really put to the test!

From the Columbian jungle to the frozen wilderness, and the Sahara Desert to the open seas, Beck Granger has the skills to survive and make it out alive, whatever the situation. And kids can learn these skills for themselves, too, as each book features special tips on how to survive in the wild - from tying knots to starting a fire and navigating by the sun.

Explosive, well-informed and told at breakneck speed, if you know someone who loves adventure stories such as the Chris Ryan and Alex Rider books, they will love this set from the world's most famous real-life survival expert.
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