• Milly Molly (Level Two) 10 Books collection

Milly Molly (Level Two) 10 Books collection

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Suitable for Key Stage 1 readers, the Milly, Molly series will challenge and encourage children - enhancing their reading skills at home and at school. Broken down in to 6 levels, from ages 5 to 7, parents and teachers will find it easy to build up children's confidence and teach them to think about what they are reading. Milly and Molly will engage children and implicitly inform them about good values and the acceptance of diversity. With each book they will learn about a new theme, every story told in a fun an interesting style; a brilliant set of books, filled with colourful illustrations.

Level Two:

Milly, Molly and Bunt-Me-Not

An incorrigible goat proves almost too much for Milly and Molly. Theme: Respect

Milly, Molly and Billy Buttons

Can Milly and Molly help Billy Buttons achieve his dream? Theme: Self-empowerment

Milly, Molly and the Mountain

What will Milly and Molly find on the other side of the mountain? Theme: Thankfulness

Milly, Molly and Beaky

Milly and Molly observe the patience of a mother! Theme: Patience

Milly, Molly and Beefy

When Humphrey meets Milly and Molly's friend Beefy, his life is never the same again! Theme: Kindness vs Bullying

Milly, Molly and Mipper

Take care of the air. Fresh air is a must. Theme: Care for the air

Milly, Molly and Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal doesn't like what she sees in the mirror. Theme: Control of anger

Milly, Molly and Mr. Rooster

A promise is a promise. Theme: Keeping a promise

Milly, Molly and the Sun Hat

Milly and Molly find that honesty has its own rewards. Theme: Honesty

Milly, Molly and BB Brown

Milly and Molly go to jail! Theme: Self-improvement

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Reading Age '5-7

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