• Mark Gatiss A Lucifer Box Novel Series 3 Books

Mark Gatiss A Lucifer Box Novel Series 3 Books

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  • Individual ISBNs: 9781847391926, 9781416522690, 9781471114205
  • Author(s): Mark Gatiss L
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Title In This Collection:- The Devil in Amber: A Novel,  Black Butterfly: A Novel, The Vesuvius Club: A Novel
Black Butterfly: A Novel: Lucifer Box is back! Black Butterfly sees the return of the daring and depraved agent, hero of The Vesuvius Club and The Devil in Amber
The Devil in Amber: A Novel:Lucifer Box - the gorgeous butterfly of King Bertie's reign, portraitist, dandy and terribly good secret agent - is feeling his age. Assigned to observe the activities of fascist leader Olympus Mons and his fanatical Amber Shirts in a snow-bound 1920s New York, Box finds himself framed for a vicious murder. par Using all his native cunning, Box escapes aboard a vessel bound for England armed only with a Broadway midget's suitcase and a string of unanswered questions.






The Vesuvius Club: A Novel

This title reveals a tour of Edwardian low life and high society, accompanied by host Lucifer Box Esq - artist, dandy, rake ... and lethal secret agent.



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