• Dollanganger Family Virginia Andrews 4 Books

Dollanganger Family Virginia Andrews 4 Books

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  • Author(s): Virginia Andr
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Virginia Andrews Dollanganger Family 4 Books Collection Set RRP: £27.96

Titles In This Set
Seeds of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows
Petals in the wind
If there be thorns

The prequel to the compelling saga that began with 'Flowers in the Attic', repackaged for a new generation of fans. THEIR DARKEST SECRETS WOULD TURN TO SHAME AND HAUNT THEIR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. Olivia Winfield's hopes blossomed when the dashing Malcolm Foxworth asked her to marry him. But her hopes withered like flowers in the scorching sun when his true nature was revealed.

Petals on the wind

The bestselling phenomenon of the Dollanganger family saga continues, as the children who escaped the attic build new lives, haunted by their tragic past. The children now growing to adulthood had survived their imprisonment in the dark attic and had broken free to the sunlit world outside. But they found that the horror and pain of their captivity would not leave them. The memory of it would not allow them to lead ordinary lives. Was it their fault? Was there something strange about them? Only their mother could help them. Only revenge could satisfy them!

If There be Thorns

From the author of Flowers in the Attic comes Book Three of the internationally bestselling Dollanganger family saga. The family was now living as far as possible from the haunting scenes of their past, and, in the sunshine and joy of their new life, with the children and their shared love, they tried to forget the anguish of their loveless inheritance. But the hidden secrets of the past rose up to trouble them.

Seeds of Yesterday

The final, heartbreaking story in the compelling saga that began with 'Flowers in the Attic', repackaged for a new generation of fans. Cathy and Chris, haunted by the tragedies and sins of the past, return at last to Foxworth Hall where they were hidden so long ago. Despite every endeavour, they find that they are prisoners of a past they cannot escape, and with a terrifying certainty, the past comes back to prey upon them once more!

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